iPhone or Android? A car insurance comparator had fun evaluating users’ behavior

Apple or Android … Violation of operating systems, its fans and its detractors. A “rivalry” undertaken through studies, occasionally unusual, comparing the usages or even the loyalty of users to each of the brands. The comparemymobile site reported, such as in February 2021, that 75% of iPhone users would be tempted to watch their phone … Read more

Select the final ADM Value-Teleperformance referees

ADM Value (Tessi), Armatis, Teleperformance, Webhelp, almost all French gratin of telemarketers has recently been consulted by Selectra, one of the European leaders in the comparison of electricity, gas, internet access and insurance. Who will report this final phase? Senegal? Algeria? Morocco The question may seem insignificant given the volume of the market at stake, … Read more

The endangered green insurance sticker?

75 years after its creation, and mandatory to par-brise des Français after almost 40 years, the vignette verte d’assurance could binetôt disappear. According to the MoneyVox website, the fédération des assureurs (France Assureurs), which brings together 247 companies in the sector, simply wants to remove the insurance certificate. Exit therefore the sticker, but also the … Read more

Advanced Glygation End Products – AGEs and Sugar

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) and Sugar Overconsumption of sugar is a well-known health issue, but most don’t realize how serious it can be. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are a combination of sugar and protein that combine into a worthless inflammatory foreign substance that accelerates degenerative diseases. The overabundance of sugar in the body … Read more