Paid passbook: Cashbee boosts its rate to 3% for 3 months

Prices keep rising. In the context of high inflation, the Cashbee mobile savings application, in partnership with My Money Bank, boosts the rate of its paid passbook accessible to all French savers: new users now benefit from a boosted rate when registering. 3% gross in the first 3 months, then 0.7% gross in the following months.

For the record, Cashbee proposes a net payment ceiling higher than that of Booklet A, this subsidized rate applying up to € 75,000 and a rate of 0.7% up to € 1 million, when the ceiling of Booklet A is € 22,950. The 3% rate served for the first two months is subject to the tax and social levies in force, while the supplement for the third month’s remuneration is offered in the form of a Cashbee bonus, which is not subject to taxation. .

La solution d’épargne Cashbee: an offer of high-performance, comprehensive savings and placements accessible from your mobile. It makes savings simple and optimal thanks to its free and secure mobile savings solution, which allows French people to pay for the money that sleeps on their current account thanks to its best-paid passbook on the market.

Cashbee also allows it to break better, through a wide range of placements, to respond to the Frenchman’s attention with responsible life insurance contracts, directly accessible and controllable from the smartphone, in free or piloted management.

According to Marc Tempelman and Cyril Garbois, co-founders of Cashbee, “At Cashbee, we apply every day to meet the expectations of French savers who want to do more and better with their money, at all times, whether it’s performance or simplicity with a full mobile experience.” In strengthening today the rates of our remunerated booklet, proposed in partnership with My Money Bank, we want to bring to the French an immediate and relevant solution in this period of inflation and to offer one of the best paid booklets in the market for their savings caution. »

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