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An online broker now accepts payment in bitcoin, but also other virtues.

Pay your insurance premiums ... in cryptocurrency |  Photo credits: Shutterstock

Pay your insurance premiums … in cryptocurrency | Photo credits: Shutterstock

Paying your insurance premiums in cryptocurrency is now possible with the East Assur online broker. Specializing in motor vehicle risks, two-wheelers and multi-risk housing (MHR) for young, injured or severely disadvantaged drivers, East Assur is positioning itself as a forerunner in claiming to be the only insurance industry group to offer this method of payment in ro France.

Technically, the customer can pay an insurance contract directly from the platform cryptocurrency. East Assur accepts bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies. The broker has trained a team of specialized advisors to best guide and assist clients who wish to use this method of payment.

Often insurance solutions in several areas

The proposed insurance products, which were denied to the main insurers, are sold online. East Assur offers insurance solutions in the fields of cars, two wheels, housing, health, professional insurance (taxis and VTC included) in France. So far, the broker has been best known for its position in the niche of aggravated risks by finding solutions for people with severe disabilities, disaster victims, resilience, who have encountered payment difficulties or even young drivers and persons with a revoked driving license due to alcohol or narcotics.

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