payment deadlines are exploding, a “scandalous situation” according to the unions

The inhabitants of the Doubs testify to this: in recent months, the deadlines for the payment of daily allowances have been considerably extended. To the point of putting many homes in difficulty according to the FO and CGT care unions, they relayed the testimonies of the agents of the Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) of the department, “very impacted by the deep distress of the insured”.

Some residents, forced to take sick leave, have been waiting for their payments for months and find themselves without any income: some of them say they are about to be “evicted from their homes” and others “visibly at the on the verge of mental breakdown go so far as to threaten to end their days before our body ”.

The explosion of the number of files

In short, a “scandalous situation” according to the FO and CGT unions of the Doubs, which addressed a letter to the director general of the Caisse nationale de l’assurance maladie at the end of April. At that time, they said, “more than fifty situations of extreme urgency” were reported daily by the telephone platform and the physical reception.

Fifteen days ago, in our columns, the director of the CPAM of the Doubs acknowledged the current difficulties: a consequence, she said, of the Covid crisis that exploded the number of cases to be processed throughout France.

“A steady decline in staff”

In the eyes of FO and CGT union delegates, however, the pandemic is not the only explanation: “If this delay is not able to be absorbed, it is mainly due to the fact that health insurance is a victim. a steady decline in its workforce for strictly budgetary reasons ”. A constant decrease in staff, which was added according to CGT and FO to a “technical issue related to the deployment of computer tools that are most often totally unsuitable for the field situation. »

“The first in a long series”

As a result, according to the unions, there are many delays of several months in the payment of benefits and policyholders who despair of being able to reach the CPAM by phone. The explosion in deadlines has de facto led to a boom in calls that the platform has been unable to absorb. As a result, by the end of April, “80% of telephone calls” could no longer be “processed by teleconsultants.”

The outflow of the epidemic should allow a return to normal. But it will take time, says a shop steward. “And the underlying problem will remain.” “This unprecedented crisis, the estimate of FO and CGT, must lead to a deep overhaul of national policy on the financing of social protection, without being in this dramatic situation. »

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