Pécresse’s impressive € 10 million estate

LR candidate Valérie Pécresse further displays the patrimony of this course à la présidentielle, according to statements made at HATVP, the Haute Autorité pour transparency de la vida public, and published on March 8th. A 1930s villa with six rooms and a garden à La Baule, valued at 1,800,000 euros, a secondary property on the Normandy coast divided into several apartments and studios, purchased in 2014 within a family SARL, dont la valore vénale amounts to 2,245,000 euros, a 19th century mansione 270 m2, bought in Versailles in 2017, valued at 2,300,000 euros, and finally a small house and agricultural land in Corrèze.

In total, this set of properties owned by the Pécresse couple amounts to around 6.5 million euros. To this must be added a portfolio of action, pension plan, and life insurance, not to mention several bank accounts for almost 5 million euros.

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Several works of art

In the Pécresse couple, it is Jérôme, Valérie Pécresse’s husband, who is the luckiest. This polytechnic engineer, occupied, since the early 2000s, the positions of executives in very large global companies, at Imerys, Alstom, then General Electric. It is remunerated for shares and stock options. He therefore earns a very comfortable living (over one million euros a year).

“I make a very good living”: Jérôme Pécresse, a golden husband

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As the couple is married under the property regime, Valérie Pécresse therefore has an impressive fortune, even though she and her husband still have to repay almost 900,000 euros of real estate loan.

Les Pécresse also has several works of art: a lithograph by Miro, a painting by Jean Hélion, a French painter-engraver, and another by Mitro, a contemporary artist of Romanian origin. The small collection is estimated at around 60,000 euros. On the other hand, on the car side, Valérie Pécresse did not burn for a beautiful body, she only has a modest Citroën C4 from 2007 worth 5,000 euros.

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