Pei’s kitchen: “Christian was very much in the sharing, out of passion, he wanted me to give the taste of the kitchen” is about the woman Marie-Thérèse Antou

La famille Antou continues to live and live in the memory of Reunion chef Chrisitan Antou. The son of the Goutanou association offers cooking workshops around the ingredients of the loin.

The Goutanou Association continues to live the heritage of chef Réunionnais Chirsitan Antou. Often the course of kitchens around the longe products are proposed. This Saturday they were 12 to get their hands on the dough.

Introduction to the kitchen

On the menu, breaded fruit dumplings, stuffed chilli buccaneer baba fig, Creole pâté or even mei candy. This course is an opportunity for these novices to learn Creole cuisine. “I think it’s important when you are in Réunion to know the origins and the real recipes typical of La Réunion.“indicates a participant.

Réunionese chef Christian Antou gave up at the age of 9, creating the Goutanou association in 1998 to honor Creole cuisine. The products come from small producers and des marchés forains. For his family, it is important to perpetuate this tradition.

It’s a pleasure to bring your heritage to life, to share it with tourists and Reunionese. The aim is to ensure that Reunion’s heritage is preserved“, explains his daughter Raphaëlle.

Preserve its heritage

Marie-Thérèse, Chrisitan Antou’s wife, also bathed in the kitchen. Even after the death of her husband, she holds culinary workshops twice a month.

Through his passion he knew how to give me a taste for cooking. Christian was very much in the sharing, his values ​​were kept while preserving everything he set up. We try to keep this great cultural and culinary heritage that he left us“,

It pays 70 euros for participants to benefit from a practical morning and a full tasting. At first they received advice from the chief.


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