Peter Bosz is reacting to Marcelo’s fart affair

This week, The Team revealed that Marcelo had been sent back from Olympique Lyonnais prin Juninho after farting and then laughing about it in the OL locker room. From now on, le joueur and the sports director have denied this version of events on Twitter. Also present at the press conference, Peter Bosz did not include how such information could be shared by a media, which he compares to certain tabloids: “When I was in Germany, we had Bild. In England, on The Sun. Here, on an L’Équipe. I was surprised on Monday to see in the newspapers why Marcelo was fired. »

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“It simply came to our notice then. I read that, but I thought we had Bild or The Sun. It’s bullshit, you think we’re going to fire a player for that. It would end the season without a player, because it comes often. That’s not it. He didn’t do that, or laugh. I was in the locker room. That was absolutely not the case. I know at the start of the season I didn’t understand everything, but now I understand better. Peter, I know what that means. So that wasn’t it. This is really bullshit. ” exclaimed the visibly sidered Rhone coach.

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