“Political kitchen nurtures already welcome democratic suicide”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – The candidacy of M’jib El Guerrab, accused of assaulting Socialist Boris Faure, is one example, among other things, of the gap between unpalatable political manners and revolting public opinion, the journalist said.

Benjamin Sire is a composer and journalist. Her latest album, Electronica Cinematic, was released on April 8th.

There is the one, Emmanuel Macron, who tells us about rebirth or reinvention and offers us, in this period in which the nominations for the legislatures are decided, the spectacle of the worst political drums in the nomination of candidates. Cautious in a French constituency of foreigners, (at 9e, Maghreb and Afrique de l’Ouest), a communist deputy perpetrator of an unprecedented assault on a former party comrade, in l’occurrence M’jib El Guerrab who lashed out at Socialist Boris Faure with helmets, leaving him in a coma (ongoing trial). Able, while the French demand more social justice, to satisfy the appetites of the right to better finish siphoning it while appeasing Édouard Philippe, and leave in a carafe a large part of the Republican left that resisted Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Able to mark, as soon as re-elected, his ironic contempt for the popular classes by making a cruel pension reform his first job, without his priority or demands being validly demonstrated. In short.

There’s the one on the far left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose lips are constantly forming the words “democracy,” “freedom,” “people,” “union,” “social justice,” and I pass, and whose the eyes and tone incessantly say the opposite.

Benjamin Sire

There’s the one on the far left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose lips are constantly forming the words “democracy,” “freedom,” “people,” “union,” “social justice,” and so on. the eyes and tone incessantly say the opposite. Able, after taking the whole progressive camp in the nets of his Nupes (New People’s Ecological and Social Union), to already threaten to exclude any discordant voice in his attempt to win a strange third round, because the verdict of the polls does not it never suits him. Able to speak of union while leading the party to the most arbitrary (if not dictatorial) operation of the political chessboard. A Taha Bouhafs capable of parachuting into a communist land already equipped with established candidates, who finally threw in the towel in the face of the contestation of his candidacy, which I do not know if he is racist because he was convicted in the first instance for treating the Linda Kebbab police union as a “service Arab”, but I’m sure he plays a confessed role with his friends from the PIR, the Adama Committee and other decolonials, in the of the French left in the arms of the Islamists and a form of separatist. In fact, his lawyer, the unspeakable Arie Alimi, whom I portrayed in these columns, called for the banning of PCF leader Fabien Roussel, who has successfully campaigned against the investiture. Able, between two speeches on gender equality, to send his own son-in-law, Gabriel Amard, he presents himself in a traditional constituency turned into a woman from the Socialist Party. Able to invest her most formidable extras, Danielle Simonnet, in the 20th arrondissement, in place of the outgoing Socialist MP, Lamia El Aaraje, who is supposed to be part of the Nupes agreement. Able to evacuate the priority Ukrainian question from this same agreement, on the pretext of his past compromises with Putin and all the autocrats of the planet, arguing a pseudo non-alignment that has no other meaning than the will to leave hands free to this Kremlin master whom he admires so much. Able to … The list is too long to be a complete breviary.

And then there are the others, which hardly give us a more joyful spectacle. The NPA, arguably the closest ideologically to the Melenchonist troupe, which out of disgust with the Social Democrat neighborhood of the PS, and tensing at not seeing its insignificance rewarded by win-win constituencies, slammed in extremis the door of the Nuppi negotiations. The PS which brought the nails of its coffin of its own to insubordinate France, in exchange for the maintenance of a parliamentary group which will make it swallow a whole vivarium of snakes. The Greens who hid their desire for European federalism and their loud support for Ukraine for the same reasons as the PS, but also with a view to being financially bailed out by state subsidies for every vote obtained. The communists of the flexible Roussel, who exchanged his desire for nuclear power plants for a foam wind turbine, and his love of meat for that of quinoa, after meeting Sandrine Rousseau’s gaze. The RN, which out of pride, does the niche at Reconquest, despite executives shuttleing from one to the other. But we will hardly complain about this last point. As for the right, let’s not talk about it. Scattered like a jigsaw puzzle between those who were about to give in to the mermaids of Zemmourism before the industrial crash of his score in the first round and those who are still wondering to find the points of disagreement between their elastic beliefs and the macronist program. In short. Everything is for sale, very for sale. From the people to the pope at a time when these practices constitute a democratic suicide, yet already well underway.

How so many people who have claimed for decades to have heard the message of the French can at this point testify to the contrary and play with the nerves of the roaring revolt.

Benjamin Sire

How is all this still possible? How so many people who have claimed for decades to have heard the message of the French can at this point testify to the contrary and play with the nerves of the roaring revolt. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is right on one point: this system is out of breath, and it is not already dead. An ectoplasm that is still intoxicated by the protective illusion offered by golds of the Republic. Have they ever forgotten the “yellow vests”? Have they ever put the protest against the measures taken during the health crisis – which some have excited – in the souvenir cabinet? Have they ever taken out of their memory the exponential progression of a conspiracy signifying the loss of souls no longer knowing which saint to dedicate themselves to and ready for all excesses? Have they swept away the behavior of voter consumers who are vomiting intermediate bodies and now directly challenging power without filters? Obviously, yes.

And we, the media, are no exception. Between the infotainment care that degrades the politician and polarizes the debates in the hatred of an enemy nuance of the audimat, the marigot of the networks where the radical and superficial thoughts are valued to the point of nausea, the small ideological compromises born of a journalism of complacency which, by virtue of us offering “indiscreet” collected in the mixture of genres, makes us to this point see the interior of the political kitchen, which this prevents us from looking out of the country window.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is still right on one point. He understood that the people would soon be ready for the explosion. Not quite yet. This led him to say, speaking of the strategy he is putting in place before us: “The conquest of political hegemony has a prerequisite: everything must be conflicted in the first place, that’s the lesson. How do you think we are transforming a revolted people into a revolutionary people?». He is right, and his words alert us as much as they frighten us, because they are like a sorcerer’s apprentice unable to channel the forces he mobilizes. God bless me and after me the flood. This is how Terrors are born. Thus the peoples manipulated by the factious and despised by the holders of comfort and power explode. The latter are not necessarily evil or inhuman, unlike the factual. They are just blind and indifferent. In the game of political dupes, there is no worse insult to the people. Trembling.


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