Pollution, borrower insurance change what changes on June 1

End of Crit’Air 4 traffic in Greater Paris and more transparency in life insurance management costs: this is what changes on June 1.

A new month begins, and with it a lot of news, especially on the circulation of polluting vehicles in the suburbs of Paris or on borrower insurance.

• Terminate its borrower insurance

This is a small revolution in the real estate world. From June 1, it will now be possible to terminate your homeowner’s credit insurance at any time and make it easier to compete. This measure applies to new contracts but will also apply to old contracts from 1 September.

At the same time, the famous medical questionnaire is deleted for all real estate loans whose term expires before the 60th anniversary of the borrower up to 200,000 euros per person – or 400,000 euros for a couple.

• Plus transparency for PER management and life insurance

Being able to compare the different proposals before subscribing: this is the interest of a new measure implemented on June 1 regarding the retirement savings plan (PER) and life insurance. From now on, the fees will have to be clearly displayed on the distributor’s website in accordance with a standard table set by the Ministère de l’Economie.

• Prohibition of polluting vehicles in Grand Paris

Crit’Air 4 vehicles, already banned in Paris, no longer have the right to drive in the metropolis du Grand Paris. In this case, the border is bounded by the A86.

Vehicles in the Crit’Air 4 category are now subject to this ban:

– motorized two-wheelers put into service before 1 July 2004
– diesel cars put into service before 1 January 2006
– light diesel utility vehicles put into service before 1 January 2006
– diesel trucks put into service before 1 October 2009

• Deadline for income tax return

As expected, despite delays in sending paper returns, the deadline for declaring income is May 24 to June 8, depending on the department of residence.

• No increase in gas prices

Regulated gas tariffs have been increased to take into account market prices. Moreover, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed the maintenance of the gas price freeze this year.

The price of gas should be at the level of the dotted line without the tariff shield
Le prix du gaz should be located at the dotted line level without the tariff shield © CRE

• End of the ceiling of 38 euros for restaurant titles

The measure actually takes place on June 30. From that date, the ceiling will rise to 19 euros, as was the case before the pandemic. Raising the ceiling had been one of Bercy’s steps to support the restaurant industry.

Thomas Leroy BFM Business Journalist

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