Poncey-lès-Athée. A fire broke out in the kitchen of a pavilion

CASE # 1: You (or someone else) use more than $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices and / or browsers at the same time →Disconnect devices and / or browsers that you do not use

CASE # 2: You are browsing in private mode →Log out systematically before closing the browser window

CASE # 3: Decline login cookies in your browser settings (ou une mise à jour changed your settings) →Change your browser’s cookie settings

IN ANY CASE → clicking “continue on this device” solves the problem

What happens if I click “continue on this device”?
You can benefit from your account on this device, and all other devices will be disconnected. You can continue to reconnect within $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit.

Comment can I see connected devices?
Meet in your customer space and then click “Manage equipment”. If you go there after clicking “Continue on this device”, there should be only one.

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