PORTRAIT. From Ethiopia to the Refugee Food Festival in Dijon, meeting with Nibras, a young refugee who has cuisine in his skin

The Refugee Food Festival is packing in Dijon this week. On this occasion, we met Nibras, an Ethiopian refugee, a place to discover her son’s cuisine.

The Refugee Food Festival was beginning his Dijon tour with a stop at the Eldorado cinema this Monday night. The association, which is intended for to change the way we look at refugees and to facilitate their professional integration in catering, is back for the third year in a row in the city of the Dukes.

On this occasion, the cinema broadcasts “on the other side of hope”, a film on the issue of immigration and integration into a European country. Mais les yeux were turned on Nibras Idris Ahmed, a young Ethiopian location with son specialties.

Nibras is a young woman from Harar, an Ethiopian city. She arrives in France in 2018 with the hope of starting a new life. The language barrier and the difficulty of integration into our country are obstacles, but they do not stop the 22-year-old refugee.

Eight months ago, she joined the KËR association, which aims to support people away from work. The young woman takes advantage of her culinary talents to share her son’s specialties.

“I’ve loved cooking, I’ve been doing it since I was little. Every day I cook for my family.”, says Nibras. The young woman unveiled a buffet of Ethiopian specialties ahead of the film’s release on Monday night. What to delight about fifty Dijonnais, who came in large numbers on occasion.

The latter appear to have been filled as the table was emptied in less than an hour. Marie-Louise Faye, the creator of the KËR association, is not surprised. “Nibras is one of our best elements. Its recipes are always excellent, we often don’t need our help.”, she admits. Nibras also receives praise from the audience she welcomes with a big smile, not without a hint of shyness.

La cuisine éthiopienne is different from what can be found in new assiette in France. “We put a lot of spices in front of the French food. We make a lot of sauce. It’s a pretty varied cuisine, both vegetarian and for those who like meat. There’s really a lot going on.”says Nibras.

The buffet offers an important variety of plates. Vegetarian Samoussas, Tuna Donuts or Lentil Donuts… Nibras has not forgotten the sweet with fragrant donuts. Flavors that are not used to being found in the capital of Burgundy, which have delighted as much as the Dijon people have gone out of their way.

These praises are a real reward for a young woman who had to fight to get there. “She has not had an easy life. She fights every day. Nibras has two young children and she takes care of her alone, I am very proud of the path she has taken.”says Marie-Louise, the founder of the KËR association and head of Nibras.

Le Refugee Food festival can be satisfied tonight. “The aim of this festival is to highlight the culinary talents of these women like Nibras and to promote their professional integration in the kitchen”, says Valentine Pia, coordinator and head of professional insertion for the association. Today, 59% of the association’s shelters have professional opportunities.

What gives hope to Nibras, even if his future may not be written in the restoration. The young woman wants to discover coiffure and this will materialize and then start a stage in this field as early as Wednesday, June 15. A conversion not without challenge. But going from a spatula and a whip to scissors doesn’t seem to scare the young woman.

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