Portrait of Chefs. Vincent Maillard, to combine gastronomy and well-being

Born in Burgundy, Vincent Maillard fell in love with Provence and the Mediterranean. I worked for Alain Ducasse for a long time, Louis XV in Monaco, then Byblos in Saint-Tropez, before moving away from the legendary chef for a new address to La Croix-Valmer, Crily of the Valley.

The place is a luxury fitness center, designed by Philippe Starck, where Vincent Maillard’s kitchen accompanies spa seekers in search of a recovery of their health, alongside a nutritionist. A new stage for the chef who also found a form of balance on the land of adoption, at the Méditerranée.

Vincent Maillard has made his mark alongside great chefs, has already been starred several times, especially at L’Hostellerie de Levernois, in Beaune. In his new territory, in La Croix-Valmer, he combines gastronomy and wellness cuisine, the two not being, according to him, incompatible.

It is mainly about highlighting the products, their taste, their Mediterranean specificity, and for this Vincent Maillard chooses neighboring producers: saffron, fisherman around the Golden Islands, market gardeners, producers of olive oil.

In the show, he prepares for a homemade salad, in his kitchen open to the sea.

La salade Lily, created by chef Vincent Maillard, for marier gourmandise et bien-être.  It evolves over the seasons and ingredients.  (VALLE SKULL / STUDIO NOVEMBER)

Ingredients for four :

Spice : 125 gdsheyou, 100 gdAmAnofS roasted 100g dHUitedathemve, 75g of lemon juice, 2 boots of basil, 1 boot of parsley, 10 drops of tabasco, salt;

Salad : 100g red quinoa, 100g black quinoa, 80g dhAcountriescats greens, 8 small carrots, 2 fennel, 1 yellow zucchini, 1 green zucchini;

Onion pickles : 1 red onion, 150g vinegar, 100g dsheyou, 50g of sugar, 5 pistils of saffron.

Preparation :

Onion pickles : Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, add the saffron and pour hot onions cut into 5 mm slices or sticks. Let marinate for at least 24 hours (they will keep for at least a month).

Spice : Put the roasted almonds in a blender for approx. 10 minutes to get a praline, then in the mixer, add the basil and clean parsley effeuillé, lemon juice, itsheu, salt, tabasco drops. Finish with itHUite dathemVe in order to dabtenir the consistency of a mayonnaise, rectifier itAssAIt isonnement and get rid of.

Salad : Cook the quinoa at iteAu boiling for about 15 minutes, drain and cool. Clean, peel and cut into pieces the seasonal vegetables. Cook them to itAngitAIt ise : in a bath dsheu boiling salted and then cool.

Dressage : In a bowl put the cooked vegetables and quinoa, season with oil dathemVe with lemon, salt, pepper, mix and spread on each plate. Arrange on each plate of raw vegetables cut into fine chips (zucchini, carrot, fenautheyand so on) as well as edible flowers (parsley flowers, borage, zucchini, nasturtiums and / or herbs). Arroser da bon filet dHUite dathemve, of cute pepper and sea salt. Serve with the seasoning separately.

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