pour des planches à decor design in your kitchen

When it comes to cutting sausage at aperitif time, 2 utensils are a must. A good knife, and a good cutting board.
For the second utensil, France Bleu Alsace invites you to discover the work of David Schruby, the creator and manager of the “DS Wood” company in Dambach-la-Ville.

“You won’t cut it,” David said on the website.
Always in love with wood, it was a bit of a coincidence that David came across the work of end wood and its primary use: the cutting board.
How passionate he works with different essences: „Maple for its very light side, beech for its light and pink side, but also ash and its differences in hue detail David, and also black walnut because it will bring back a lot of shades ”.

Essences that bring different colors to David’s boards and a nice “design” side to see. For resistance, the craftsman uses hardwood: “Cherry and oak in particular.” In this exchange, David also gives us some tips for maintaining this famous board.

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