Pourquoi faut il open a contract d’assurance vie?

L’assurance vie est l’un des supports les plus populaires en France. Il faut dire que les avantages fiscaux qui y sont associés sont très intéressants, et ce quel ce soit votre objectif : constituer ou valoriser un capital, prepare sa retreat sau encore protect your proches. Decouvrons comment fonctionne l’assurance vie et quelle place elle must take into your strategy to diversify your heritage.

Constituer un capital avec l’assurance vie

L’assurance vie est avant tout un product d’épargne. Its operation is simple: in vous engaging à pourser des cotisations de manière periodice pe your contract, you create a capital qui va you allow de beneficiary d’une certaine rentatité en function du support de ce dernier (e.g. contract en euros, en unité account or multi-support).

Be careful, an insurance contract is a long-term investment. Dependent des marchés, its performance is not guaranteed (hors contract en euros). However, the risk is smoothed by the duration of the contract, and the management strategy must be adapted to your situation. For example, in the houses of a multi-support life insurance contract, dynamic options will be privileged during the first years, authorizing a strong return, then the funds will be a little safe near the withdrawal.

Preparer sa retraite avec l’assurance vie

When you take your withdrawal, you can choose between a periodic annuity or a capital payment. Depending on the nature of your contract and the length of time, different taxation to apply. Notre conseil is to get you closer to the financial advisor to find the strategy that will be more adapted to your cas particulier. You will need to take your retirement life goals into account, especially when trying to assess the needs of your funders.

Furthermore, I know that your capital may be unlocked depending on the different risks that may affect you: licensure, invalidity or early retirement. I note, however, that the life assurance is not a good solution for precautionary savings, as the mobilization of funds may not be quite as long as possible.

Closely protect yourself with living assurance

When you sign up for a contract d’assurance life, il est important d’indiquer une clause beneficiaire afin, en cas de decès, that your proches beneficient of your effort d’épargne dans des conditions fiscales très avantageuses. Dans le meilleur des cas, an abatement of 152,500 euros (in 2022) par bénéficiaire pourra ainsi être appliqué. And don’t remplissez pas de clause benficiaire, your contrat d’assurance vie sera réintégré à your actif succesual, et l’avantage sera perdu.

Thus, the taxation on the insurance contract strongly depends on the opening date and your age in each verse. Il sera donc important d’ouvrir un tel contract le plus tôt possible. Outre this fiscalité plus intéressante, les risques de perte en capital à cause d’une temporarily défavorable des marchés are lissés. To benefit from all the tax advantages that exist, he will have to hold a contract d’assurance vie plus 8 years and make des versements avant vos 70 ans.

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