Premiums issued up 4% at the end of March

Athus, the “Non-Life” branch increased by 5.5% to more than 10.23 billion DH, driven, among other things, by the evolution of the “Catastrophic Events” segments of 7% to 202.4 million dirhams, “Corporate accidents” (+ 2% to 1.31 billion DH), “Automobile” (+ 5.5% to 4.65 billion DH) and “Fires” (+ 6.4% to 1.1 billion DH DH), according to quarterly industry statistics published by the Insurance and Social Security Supervisory Authority (ACAPS).

The “Life” branch, on the other hand, recorded a 1% increase to more than 5.06 billion DH at the end of the first three months of the year, including under the weight of the segment “Savings – Supports Units of account “(+ 50% at 488.8 MDH).

Investments by insurance and reinsurance companies increased by 1.3% at the end of March, with a total of more than DH 188.4 billion.

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