PRO BTP Borrower Insurance, the guarantee of significant savings

PRO BTP accompanies you for professional projects. Also trust us for your personal projects! If you are about to sign a real estate price or if you are already an owner, the Group offers a less expensive and more complete purchase guarantee for those in banks. In addition, with the new Lemoine law, it becomes easy to terminate your old contract.

Although not mandatory, this insurance is routinely required by banks to cover their risk in the event of an unforeseen event. Its cost can be high. With PRO BTP borrower insurance, it is possible to save up to 14,000 euros (see table) on the total cost of your home loan. Fortunately, it is now easy to change insurers.

Change insurers: it’s simple!

With the new Lemoine law, the termination constraints are over. This law, not the measures are in force since June 1, 2022 for new loan offers and September 1 for ongoing insurance contracts, allows the change of borrower insurance at any time1. In addition to the savings made, the PRO BTP offer will go further than the one proposed by the banks.

Cheaper for stronger guarantees

Aware of the risks of the construction business, the guarantees offered by PRO BTP are sharper. PRO BTP is charged the insured monthly fee in case of incapacity for work, when when you are no longer able to exercise your profession (even if a reconversion would be conceivable) and, likewise, if you were not in professional activity at the time of the accident. Unlike many bank contracts, the compensation is not reduced if you also receive compensation or a replacement income (flat-rate support).

100% charged prices

For a saving of time, PRO BTP advisors will take care of all the steps of changing your seat free of charge until the PRO BTP borrower’s guarantee is replaced. The bank does not have the right to reverse the change if your new contract has an equivalent level of collateral. In addition, the law protects the borrower: the bank does not have the right to change the credit or charge a fee and must respond within 10 days. Based on simple information, the idea and signing of the new contract can be done as soon as possible and 100% online.

1 – The new Lemoine law was published in the OJ on March 1, 2022 under No. 2022-270 and its date of adoption on February 28, 2022.
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