Protein deficiency: these 5 signs that should alert you

When we do not eat enough protein, essential macronutrients for the body, our body lets us know in different ways. Here are 5 signs that may alert you to any concerns.


Proteins help, including stabilizing the amount of water in the human body. Thus, if it is lacking, it can promote the appearance of edema (swelling of the tissues), most often located in the lower limbs.

Muscle weakness

Muscle tissue needs protein to rebuild. When intake is insufficient, it causes muscle weakness and even pain. As a reminder, the recommended daily amount of protein is 0.8 g per kilogram of weight.


They also help regulate blood sugar. Cravings for sugar can be periodic if you do not consume enough. Not to mention that these macronutrients are satiating and thus reduce cravings between meals.

Hair loss

Capillary fibers are mainly made up of keratin, a protein synthesized by the body. And when you neglect protein, your hair tends to weaken and fall out. Ditto for the nails. They can become brittle.

A weakened immune system

Do you often get sick and always tired? Well, that can be a sign of care. Eating poultry or eggs promotes the activity of white blood cells, which play an important role in the immune reaction.

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