PSG and Celta will have to share with Luis Campos!

The announcement has still not been made official, but Luis Campos will work for Paris Saint-Germain. On June 3, the Parisian media announced that the Portuguese had signed his contract as a sports adviser for the Rouge-et-Bleu. After working with Monaco and Lille, Campos is back in Ligue 1. Pending the announcement of PSG, the case of the Lusitanian is being closely followed by Celta observers.

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Recently, we have been sharing your Galician concerns about this. In fact, Luis Campos has been hired since the eleventh of the last Liga season, but again nothing has been made official. The Spanish fear was therefore simple to understand: was Campos going to make a false leap to Celta? Yesterday, the Voice of Galicia published an article to take stock of the man she nicknamed “the invisible manager.”

Campos still not seen in Vigo

Invisible, because the Portuguese has still not been seen in Galician installations. In contrast, the newspaper claims that Campos did not let go of Celta at all. His right arm Juan Carlos Calero has taken his place in the training center and Campos has already discussed with several players the squad to discuss their future. “About Luis Campos, everything is underway”, even the Spanish club told the media. The facts are clear: PSG, who wanted to take full advantage of Campos’ services, will have to share their cake with Celta. A confirmed information par mark.

Campos also reassured the Iberian team when the sound began to be associated with that of the reigning French champions. On paper, no worries about Vigo. Except that the Voice of Galicia explains that there are a lot of unanswered questions. What kind of players is the Portuguese targeting? So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Mais Ă  Vigo, the biggest question is to know Luis Campos even today.

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