Purring, meowing and “trawling in the sun” … Pe a tested Yoga cat

The idea of ​​achieving perfection in the position of Sirsasana, la tête ancrée sur le tapis de sol and the feet in the candle, with a tomcat in balance on our toes, we quickly crossed the spirit, they had time to discover a meeting. of “Yoga Chat”. The course promised to be hilarious. Direction, le Gentle Cat de Lyon, a chat bar, and a coworking space. It is the first establishment in the city to propose this relatively new discipline.

In the upstairs room, Guillemette, Alberte, Jeanne, Louise and Elizabeth have already taken their seats on the mats, rolling on their backs waiting for the participants. If Diane, a little Bengal feline, prefers to watch the scene from a distance, tucked under one of the chairs, Persian Nicole quickly climbed the stairs, moved by curiosity. A first. “She usually doesn’t move from her chair.” She stays in the same position as a statue, ”laughs Jimmy, co-manager of the venue.

Concentration and discussion

Every Tuesday night, the establishment now offers yoga sessions in the company of its ten cats. “In principle, they walk around you, they hide under the rugs, they come to be caressed,” said Camille Bertrand, a yoga teacher. The risk of distraction remains palpable, however, when Louise comes rubbing her legs, in the full position of the warrior. Or Charline sniffs your forehead and tickles your head while meditating, before trying to lie down on your face. But in the end, the tomcats “remain relatively unobtrusive” even if they circulate throughout the room.

“By doing yoga, you soothe them. And they, thanks in particular to their purrs, bring us more serenity, ”observes Camille, for whom the benefits of the discipline“ are multiplied tenfold ”. „Cats are also a vector of exchanges, they made it possible to create a link. At the end of the session, a shy person will spontaneously, for example, go and talk to others about the cat sitting on his rug, ”Jimmy adds.

Our yoga dossier

At the end, Anna and Laurane are conquered. The first, who discovered the cat bar last week, convinced her friend to try the experiment. “I didn’t think the cats were going to stay with us all year,” she says. It’s great because they come to see us, they give us hugs, they walk on us ”. “It’s very nice when you have your eyes closed and they come rubbing against you,” says Laurane. Yoga allows you to reconnect to your body but there, you feel even more connected to nature. »

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