pushed to suicide after participating in the “Nightmare in the Kitchen”, a pure kitchen!

It was in June 2020 that the public discovered the trio of sisters formed by Mélane, Mylène and Sévèrine. With three completely different characters, they were given to Philippe Etchebest and his dance team. Nightmare in the kitchen. Thus, he made his feet and hands to rummage through the fringes from the Bouches du Rhône in order to save their establishment.

Finally, the restaurant is still in operation two years later. That said, it’s not all rest. “There are still jealous people who leave us with bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it’s inedible, disgusting, and that we should be ashamed of having a nightmare in the kitchen when they don’t. are never Venus ieslea pe loc … “ Melanie confessed in the columns of Tele-Loisirs.

But that didn’t stop there, as detractors’ messages sometimes went much further. “We were attacked directly on our physique, we were told we could go throw ourselves from the top of a bridge, do cosmetic surgery… It was very, very far away. Pe a property obviously filed a complaint with the gendarmerie. But it was known that it would be filed without action and that is the case. Now we live with it, it doesn’t reach us anymore (…) The psy called us to find out if we had a good time with the broadcast, with all the comments we received. Personally, I said, ‘It’s like this.’ We get criticized, but she can’t do anything about it …“said the kitchen.

Regarding her relationship with Mylène and Séverine, Mélanie concluded: “It’s better today. The show has helped us a lot. There are exchanges that we don’t see on the air, but when the chief spoke to all three of us lasted ten minutes when in reality it was for 2 hours, we had received a message from our mother, asking us to stop tearing us in. that push us to change “. So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to it.


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