Quel type de croquette donner à son chat une fois castré?

Are you planning to sterilize your chat or if you already have facts? Spaying has many advantages for you and your pet. For the first time, you are helping to reduce overcrowding and thus the name chats des rues. Deuxièmement, la sterilisation de votre chat réduira considerably son envie de marker son territoire. And, thirdly, it protects your chat from multiple diseases. The main chose that you must keep the spirit, which is that you must have your chat’s power mode adapter. If you ask for that kind of kibble, give your chat sterilized, you will often the answer items.

He must know that the weight is for the sterilized chat

Savoir nourrir son chat sterilisé is a key point because proper nutrition is essential à la bonne santé d’un castré chat. In effect, bien nourrir son chat sterilisé, c’est le garder en bonne santé et en forme pour longtemps!

It is carried by your knowledge, which alters the behavior and physics of a chat. In effect, chats usually become more passive after being neutered and tend to sleep more. Consequently, leurs besoins énergétiques diminueront d’environ 25% after being sterilized. In addition, this operation produces a changement hormonal chez ce félin. Cela fait augmenter sa fa tandis que ses besoins en énergie diminuent.

C’est pourquoi il will have to give an adapted diet for the one who l’on peut trouver sur https://www.commeunroi.com/ et changer ses habitudes alimentaires. Certes, garder son animal de compagnie à son poids idéal can be a challenge, mais c’est vraiment important for their health and well-being in the long term. You have to keep in mind that surpoids augmentale the risk to develop your chat in a range of other conditions and diseases, such as: diabetes, joint, bone and ligament problems, heart disease, leaf diseases. , ainsi que les difficulties respiratoires.

I opt for hooks specially designed for sterilized animals

Specific croquettes formulated for sterile discussion before a tailored caloric level. It’s great that your pet consumes fewer calories to get a satisfying amount of food in its bowl. In this view, it is essential that the croquettes selected are allocated to all the essential elements in the health of the chat, more in reducing the energy density.

Il este notably conseillé d’opter pour des crochets pour chat qui sont allégées en graisse. It is recommended that the type of food is rich in fiber to improve intestinal transit, as well as quality protein. Croquettes must also have a balanced content in vitamins and minerals. Products with ore and controlled pH levels are recognized to promote urinary health of sterile conversations.

Par ailleurs, nourrisez votre chat en vous basant sur ses nutritionalnels needs. It is highly recommended to choose kibble, which meets the nutritional needs of your castré chat. For this reason, it is recommended to always check the packaging to see what ingredients are used in the croquettes you are interested in.

For example, there are croquettes pour chat that contain a supplement called L-Carnitine. It’s an ingredient that favors the combustion of fats and therefore the perte de poids. Croquettes riches en proteines ont également a satiety effect and can help maintain muscle mass instead of encouraging the stock of unwanted graisse.

Donnez à votre chat more repas per jour

Souvent, our reflex est de donner à notre chat deux gros repas par jour et de remplir sa gamelle. However, it is worth noting that les chats prefer in several small tables, and what, in different places. La raison à cela is qu’ils ont toujours un très fort instinct de chasse.

Many experts recommend to give up to five repetitions in your day chat une fois qu’il est castré. It is recommended to create a food puzzle for your chat, or give yourself a playful game. This stimulates mental and behavioral needs, and it’s ideal for nourishing your cat tout en l’amusant.

In addition to ces conseils d’alimentation, veillez à jouer cu chat tous les jours. Cela aidera votre ami à quatre pattes à dépenser de l’énergie et à rester en forme.

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