Rafael Nadal, beaten by Denis Shapovalov, worries ahead of Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal’s foot injury will have caught up with him once again. In a fight both physically and mentally against Denis Shapovalov, the Spaniard finally cracked in the last set, especially after presumably feeling pain in his foot (1-6, 7-5, 6-2). In addition to the defeat, this injury could force the Spaniard to miss Roland-Garros in ten days. Shapovalov, meanwhile, is on his way to Rome, where he will face Casper Ruud in the quarter-finals.

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Shapovalov did not let go and Nadal was caught up in the pain


However, the game had begun in the best way for the Majorcan. Imperial, Nadal let absolutely nothing pass to his opponent during the first inning. Extremely serious and regular, the Spaniard did nothing but wait for Shapovalov to crack down on his too many attempts to finish the points. Premier set reported 6-1.

From the start of the second inning, Nadal missed opportunities. In the first game, he got three break points that he didn’t convert. Less well in his game, Nadal then reaped a few chances while the Canadian gradually adjusted. More regular, less impatient, Shapovalov forced Nadal to work a little harder, and that was what caused his loss.

A winning return from nowhere: And yet Nadal had put on the show …

Nadal embarrassed at the foot

Despite a fright for Shapovalov who saw the score go from 4-1 to 4-4, his second set came to an end thanks to a break throughout the set. In the third inning, the fate of the match was simply impossible to predict. Both players began to neutralize each other, chaining the winning shots as the errors. Until Nadal’s body said stop.

Presumably embarrassed at the foot that has haunted his nights for a long time already, the Majorcan did nothing from 3-2 in favor of Shapovalov. Completely passive because of the pain, he let the Canadian take the win, with no real power to react. Certainly a disillusionment but above all a real concern for Rafael Nadal, who could evaluate Roland-Garros in a little over a week. Denis Shapovalov continues on his way and will challenge Casper Ruud in the quarterfinals on Friday

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Nadal on his injury: “There will come a time when my head will say stop”


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Nadal, a leg-shaped correction

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