RATP is releasing its robot dog, Perceval, to secure its works

At the end of an underground gallery of the future Saint-Maur-Créteil station of the Grand Paris Express, a dog camped on his legs watches. To his approach and to the light that accompanies him. Someone has intrigue. If it’s a dog, it’s mostly a robot, Perceval that the RATP comes out. Regia will perform on Tuesday at the Viva Technology show in Paris, at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles.

Perceval is envisioned as a third eye for maintenance officers. “The robot dog can transform into a human instead at the end of the subway to check the structural condition and points of disorder, ie the malfunctions of the site,” explains Côme Berbain, RATP Group Innovation Director. This four-legged robot is also a solution so that “our agents do not damage their backs, they do not bump their heads in the galleries, they do not damage themselves completely!” »

360 degree cameras, internet and scanner

Every five years, the RATP inspects 34,000 works, 300 to 400 sites that can test officers in terms of health and accessibility. Le sous-quai is a perfect example of a low ceiling structure where you have to walk 75 meters by metro and more than 200 meters by RER.

Perceval, the RATP robot dog. – N. Mir / 20 Minutes

In addition to its four legs, Perceval has a 360-degree camera for photographing and filing problems. It also has an internal remote control room. Equipped with antennas that improve the range of its signal, the robot dog is highly reliable, according to the director of innovation. A scanner can be attached to the head for X-ray galleries and three-dimensional viewing. A view of the whole that facilitates the preparation of inspections. Cracking, cracking of concrete, aging of structures, temperature rise to prevent a fire, Perceval allows officers to observe while remaining safe.

“We must have tools to relieve difficult tasks”

Acquired in the last year at the start-up Nantaise Intuitive Robots, Perceval was developed by the American company Boston Dynamics specialized in robotics for minimal and military use. Solid and all-terrain, the robot will arrive at the end of its test phase at the end of June and can then be industrialized.

Hélène Bahezre, pilot of the RATP innovation program, justifies the investment of almost 75,000 euros in Perceval by a reduction in hardship. “When it comes to accidents at work, the desired group is the feminist in maintenance. We must have the tools to relieve the difficult tasks, we do not want and face the prolongation of careers. Finally, if we can inspect the sites where we can do it, the question of price does not add to the security of the new sites is a priority. »

The Viva Technology show at RATP receives a first instance of the start-up on a stand and, in addition to Perceval, presents other innovations, such as bionic glove or exoskeleton, always for less hassle at work.

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