Real estate loan, home insurance, life insurance … How to renegotiate your contracts?

An insurance policy is not prescriptive. Whether it’s to save money, to change the situation, or to get better coverage, it’s always possible to renegotiate it. Still need to know how to do it.

Car and home insurance: take stock

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Valt insurance contract is no longer suitable? Does it cost you too much? Maybe it’s time to renegotiate it. Home and car insurance, real estate credit or life insurance … We take stock of the specifics of these contracts and what is possible or not to do with the MAIF insurer and the Euodia wealth management firm.

Car and home insurance: take stock

Before any renegotiation of your home or vehicle insurance contract, the first step is to properly assess your current needs, to withdraw or add guarantees to the contract, to make the evolution of the exclusions of guarantees or to still reevaluate. the amount of deductibles.

Do you still need the “refurbishment option” and your furniture has aged? What are the chances that the claims for which you are covered will occur? Do you still drive so often since you live in the city center? Are you a good driver with little or no accidents to your credit? So many details that can save you money.

In order to be able to negotiate more easily, it is essential to find out about other offers in order to be able to compete. Be aware in particular that the Hamon law allows from 2015 to terminate your car, motorcycle, home or supplementary health insurance at any time, after a year of commitment. A care argument can put pressure on your insurer, even if it is not advisable to change it too often.

Indeed, fidelity is often rewarded, and seniority should help you in the negotiations.

Life insurance: Negotiate your entrance fees

If you own or are going to open a life insurance policy, be aware that there is an entry fee for each payment. They range from 1% to 5%, the legal maximum. Specifically, this means that when you pay 1,000 euros at a rate of 2%, 980 euros are real investments.

How to negotiate your entrance fee? Already, if your payment exceeds 10 or 15,000 euros, the insurer should be willing to reduce the costs. Then, if you commit to a regular payment, the negotiation should be easier.

You can play your old and your loyalty or still the quality of your customer profile. Your income, your predisposition to take on other contracts or investments, or even your young age (the contract will be kept longer) may work in your favor.

And as for car and home insurance, feel free to inquire elsewhere to get the competition playing.

Real Estate Loan: Enjoy the lowest interest rates

Are you repaying a real estate loan at some point and you want to benefit from current, historically low interest rates? It is then possible to renegotiate it with your bank. Obtaining better loan terms translates into a reduction in monthly payments and / or a reduction in the repayment period.

Unlike repurchasing credit with another penny, your financial institution cannot charge you an early repayment allowance (IRA) in the event of a credit renegotiation. However, you must pay a file fee.

You can renegotiate and insure the borrower. Starting in 2018, the Bourquin law allows the change of insurance for all years on the anniversary date of the contract, respecting a notice, usually two months.

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