Record hiring in insurance in 2021

At the end of 2021, the insurance sector employed 153,300 employees, up 2.1% from OEMA estimates. Sectorul recruited 17,100 people during the year, a quarter of whom worked part-time.

The insurance sector continues to grow since 2016. The Observatory for the Development of Insurance Businesses (OEMA) publishes its forward-looking barometer and delivers its first estimates on the number of employees in the insurance industry in 2021 After a year 2020, dynamic in terms of employment, the number of effects increased further. The sector has 153,300 employees, an annual increase of 2.1%. Companies in the insurance industry recorded a record number of recruitments in 2021, with 17,100 entries, or 11.2% of the workforce. During the year 2021, 14,100 people gave up their jobs, which is also on the rise.

Regarding the profile of employees in the sector, the average age increases by one year between 2020 and 2021 and reaches 42.7 years. The share of executives, 51.5% of the workforce, and employees with a Bac +5 (23.1%) are also in progress.

The number of alternates jumped by 13.5%. The sector had 6,400 alternates in 2021, of which 4,400 were recruited in 2021. Alternates accounted for 25.7% of hiring.

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