Refugee Food Festival: the kitchen, to bring peoples and cultures together

This culinary festival, which gives refugees the chance to discover the specialties of their countries of origin, is back for its 7th edition. It takes place in several cities in France, not Lyon.

to seventh edition du Refugee Food Festival is held in Lyon from June 9 to 19. The festival will be held in eleven cities simultaneouslyeach year in June, in connection with National Refugee Day, June 20.

The main purpose of this event is to allow refugee integration, coming from all over the world, discovering the typical recipes of their home countries. During the festival, they move into the kitchens of Lyon restaurateurs.

the Lyon, eight addresses are partners in the event, including one for the first time Afghan-influenced craft beer brewer !

What’s better than cooking to appeal to your senses?

The festival open to the general public offers a wide variety of restaurants, from the village canteen to the star restaurant, the purpose of being sensitizing the French at the reception and insertion of refugees, through the kitchen.

We are all sensitive to cooking, we eat all three times a day. It is a way to communicate and learn from each other“says Fanny Borrot, director of the festival.

On the occasion of the presentation of the event, an appointment was given to the restaurant “Les Mauvaises Herbes”, partner of the event, where Olha, a Ukrainian who arrived a few weeks ago in Lyon, will be at the stoves.

For this seventh edition, the head is even for previous years, namely integrate, sensitizing et facilitate the reception and integration of refugeesany nationality combined.

The nationalities represented in the various partner restaurants are Afghanistan, Iran, Albania, Ukraine, Côte d’Ivoire, Syria or Chechnya.

How to commit?

Participation is reserved in the partner restaurants from June 9 to 19. But it is also possible to face gifts to the association “food for refugees“via Lydia au 818181 or on helloasso.

The commitment can be made in several ways: it is possible to get closer to local associations, but also by giving French classes, welcoming at home or giving clothes.

The Refugee Food Festival is a great way toexpand its culinary heritagefacilitating shelter for refugees.


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