Refusing “backstage arrangements”, Sharif Bemat does not support David Lorion

Candidate for the first tournament in the 4th constituency, Sharif Bemat wants to offer support to David Lorion for the second tournament. “I did not engage in politics to undergo old-fashioned methods, back-to-back arrangements,” said the “First Hour Walker” who was refused investment.

By NP – Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 10:01 AM

Press release:

A 1st hour walker and a member of the LaREM departmental office, I proudly assume my convictions.
I have been working for En Marche since 2017, especially during the presidential and European elections.

Candidate for the legislative elections in the 4th constituency, I naturally asked for the nomination of my party, which was refused on the grounds that the outgoing MP David LORION, from the Republican Party (LR), would have the constituency “reserved” .

However, I am involved in politics in order to advance the old methods, the distant arrangements.

These are not the values ​​I stand for. On the contrary, it represents a new political class, which wants to establish trust with the electorate and works in the general interest of Réunionnais.

Also, I remain true to my convictions and I cannot join the outgoing opposition MP, David LORION, for the 2nd round of the legislatures: no voting instructions will be given in this direction.

Sharif BEMAT

Additional: Jennifer LABENNE


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