researchers are finding a clue as to why vaccinated people have developed severe forms of the disease

According to this committee of French and American researchers, the immune system of these patients is at stake.

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This was one of the arguments regularly put forward by opponents of the Covid vaccine. Researchers have found that some people vaccinated against Covid have developed despite all the forms of the disease’s graves, and are about to be hospitalized. Situations that have been detected in very rare cases in France.

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According to the findings of this study, a quarter of them are affected by their immune system. These people suffer from an immune deficiency without their knowledge: their antibodies attack the molecules that their body produces to defend itself against the virus: type 1 interferons.

To reach this conclusion, researchers from Inserm, Paris Cité University and Rockefeller University in New York followed 48 patients aged 20 to 80 years.

The latter had all been hospitalized for a severe or critical form of Covid after a Delta variant infection while they had a complete vaccination schedule. The scientists first checked that the vaccine worked well in their home, and then they looked for antibodies to these proteins that protect us from viruses. They then detected these autoantibodies in a quarter of the patients.

Despite going to the hospital, everyone is still alive today: proof that the vaccine still protected them, since in those people who suffer from an immune deficiency, the death rate of the unvaccinated is 20%. .

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