Restaurant La Mansarde: cuisine reinvented by Nadine à Golbey

June 8, 2022 by Antoine Frêlon

Nadine, manager of La Mansarde restaurant in Golbey.

Who says sun, says meal on the terrace! Today, La Mansarde de Golbey restaurant!

What makes the Attic successful?

This is probably our ability to renew our menu and menus periodically. This delights our regulars, who are constantly reserved for good surprises, not only for the seasons, but for the fresh produce we find on the market.

Do they often come to the terrace for lunch?

On fine days. Whether at noon or in the evening, the 60 seats, in the shade of the trees, are prized and it is better to book. This setting provides a break for our customers, and allows them to benefit even more from the generous pieces of meat or the fresh, gourmet salads they pick up here.

La Mansarde is not just a restaurant …

You are right to point it out, because it is quite rare in Epinal. We have three dedicated spaces equipped or privatizable for business lunches or seminars. For care we offer a restaurant worthy of the name with 3 starters, 2 plates and 3 desserts to choose from, not to mention the welcome coffee-croissant.

The +++

Good plan : Formule du midi à € 18.90 comprising a choice of 3 entrees, 2 plates and 3 desserts. Formulas renewed every day.

He pours himself on the wind : The large quiet and shaded terrace, well sheltered on the back of the property.

Heartbreak : Attic burger: potato blini, beef rosini tournedos, red wine sauce.

The Attic
Open Monday to Saturday, noon and evening
87, rue de Lorraine in Golbey
Goal. 03 29 39 96 30
[email protected]
Facebook: restolamansarde
Instagram: restaurant_lamansarde

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