Results: the Generali group pursued its growth in 2022

The 2022 operating results of the Generali font group appear in good growth. The net result is stable, if I exclude les dépréciations sur les actifs russes. Financial soundness is extremely solid.

In this context, les primes émises brutes reach 41.9 milliards d’euros (+ 2.4%), due to the strong growth of Non Vie activity, driven by the non-auto segment. Les primes Vie are stable (-0.5%). La collecte nette Vie resists to 6.2 billion euros, supported by the growth of Prévoyance et des Unités de Compte, compensating a reduction on savings, in coherence with the repositioning of the Vie portefeuille.

The operating result continued to progress to reach 3.1 billion euros (+4.8%) thanks to the positive evolution of the Life, Non Life and Holding and other activities. The combined ratio reached 92.5% (+2.8 pp). La marge sur Affaires Nouvelles is excellent at 5.23% (+ 0.59 pp).

The net result reached 1,402 million euros (1,540 million euros by June 2021). If the depreciations on Russian assets were excluded, the net result would have been 1,541 million euros.

The financial soundness is extremely robust with a group solvency ratio of 233% (227% at the end of 2021) after the share buyback award for 500 million euros.

Commenting on these results, Philippe Donnet, CEO of Groupe Generali, states: « les solides performances de Generali demonstrate that the implementation of our strategic plan “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” is a good means of generating sustainable growth and increasing operational profitability. We were able to achieve these results despite a geopolitical and macroeconomic context of plus en plus incertain, tout in our now and our absolute priority needs. Dans les mois à venir, nous continuerons à nous engage fully dans l’exécution de notre triennal plan in order to strengthen le leadership de notre groupe as tant qu’assureur et gestionnaire d’actifs mondial. »

Nota bene: les variations de primes, collecte nette Vie et Affaires Nouvelles sont à méthodes equivalentes (à taux de change et perimètre de consolidation constants) and therefore Groupe Cattolica’s contribution is neutralized in the calculation of the variations of the equivalent methods. Changes in operating results, general fund investments and disposal techniques Exclude all assets being disposed of or disposed of during the comparison period and therefore integrate the Cattolica Group’s contribution to the percentage changes.

Les montants ont été arrondis à la premiere décimale and la somme des montants may not correspond to total arrondi. The percentage presented can be affected by rounding.

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