Return of Monsieur Cuisine Smart: discover all the evolutions of the cult robot of Lidl

You read that right! From June 6, the robot Smart Kitchen Smart will be available on the details of the low-priced German brand, Lidl. With a more powerful engine than the famous Monsieur Cuisine Connect (later version), and numerous improvement techniques, the appliance will be sold for 429 EUR. As for the followers of the Lidl Plus loyalty program, the latter will be able to purchase the robot for € 399, or a non-negligible discount of € 30.

An improved version

Released at Lidl last December, Mr. Cuisine Connect has wreaked havoc on budding cooks. Many had even gone to the queue at 7 o’clock in the morning to be sure to buy the famous device! More do not give me this chance and are found face des rayons dévalisés …

Five months later, the latest version of the famous Silvercest robots is born, after an expectation that was felt by the brand’s followers. In addition to a more compact design, and a more powerful engine (1000w versus 800w for its predecessor), the Smart Kitchen will have a more responsive 8-inch screen, and many new automated programs. Smoothies, simmering dishes, egg cooking, and even a cleaning function, the list goes on. And for the best organization of the meal, the device has always provided: the creation of course lists, weekly planning or the suggestion of personalized recipes … Why compete with your smartphone! The new ergonomic handle of the device also facilitates a considerable use of a main and different portion sizes allow a real personalization of receptions.

That it will be difficult to wait until June 6!

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