Revoir ses contrats d’assurance in 2022

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The year 2022 is not finished, but it is already bouleversée through numerous events. Pour faire des economies, il faut changer ses habitudes à different levels. More and more people choose to point out their different contracts. Insurance car, motorbike or habitation, toutes les garantiées are etudiées dans le but de underuscrire à un contrat moins cher ou mieux adapté. If you want to reduce your insurance budget without sacrificing protection, you can rely on Leocare.

Leocare, often rates 25% moins chers

Leocare is therefore a new generation insurance, with 240 collaborators, 100,000 customers and no agency. And Leocare stands out as much as other assurances, because it is 100% dematerialized. You find ne pas d’agence Leocare près de chez vous. If you want to take out an insurance contract, you must download the application. It has already been downloaded more than 600,000 times. Contract management is also done from this application in a few clicks. You can, for example, add collateral, retain and download documents. The use of electronic signature is, well, used. Les demande de devis se font in 1 minute and to subscribe to a contract in moins de 4 minutes. Testimonials are immediately available.

The operation allows to give le pouvoir aux assureurs. These latters take control of their contracts through the application and personalize their guarantees. Ils econisent 25% sur leurs précédents contracts, etc., à prestations égales. This reduction is not negligible in this period where tout le monde cherche à faire des economies.

Leocare, des contrats really adapted to the needs of the insured

Leocare distinguishes itself by offering à ses assureurs des assurances parfaitement adaptantes à leurs besoins et ce à des prix attractifs. Pour y parvenir, Leocare proposes des assurances auto, moto and habitation. Pour eache d’elles, several levels of guarantees are proposed. Thus, for car insurance and motorcycle insurance, choose between Tiers, Tiers+ and Tous Risques formulas. Thus, people who do not drive, that very little can opt for basic insurance and those who use the vehicle daily can opt for optimal protection. Pour l’assurance habitation, le principe est le même. Les assurients choissent leur level of guarantees among 3 formulas: Eco, Medium and Premium.

L’ensemble de ces contrats include la responsabilité civile. They also allow it to be protected against theft, vandalism, fire, flooding, climatic events, natural and technological catastrophes, attention and other acts of terrorism. These guarantees become indispensable in 2022. To protect your image, you can adjust certain guarantees. Thus, they have home insurance level, you can appreciate the value of your good furniture, mais aussi celles de voi valuable objects, comme les bijoux, les œuvres d’art or encore les instruments de musique.

L’assurance moto va plus loin en proposant l’option hivernage qui peut être avantageuse pour les personnes car travailen en partie à la maison. Les assuredes peuvent beneficiary de 150 jours d’hivernage quand ils n’utilisent pas leur deux-roues. Depending on the number of days used, the rate is adjusted. Also, when options are changed. Thus, les assures profitent d’une assurance avec o cover optimale.

In the management of often sinistres is also simplified. Ce qui est un atout de taille. In effect, after an event, you make sure that you don’t want to spend a lot of time to manage administratively. Starting with the Leocare app, all documents and photos can be downloaded, allowing for quick compensation. Depending on the contract signed, the person can receive up to €500 to buy premium products, cleaning hours to put the house in order or to secure them.

Leocare is a new generation insurance that multiplies the actions to better respond to the needs of the insured, but also to accompany them well in the moments when they need it. D’ailleurs, 97% of insured Leocare restent après un sinistre. Thanks to a different operation, the upstart insurance of reducing tariffs and making the French economy. If, voi aussi, you want to make le point sur vos assurances, download the application Leocare et faites des devis en quelques clics. Need help or information? Les Leonconseillers are available via messaging, social networks and rendezvous.

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