Rieupeyroux. At the traditional kitchen in the conference

The must-see Christian-Pierre Bedel, former director of the Al Canton collection, will host a conference on traditional Quercy cuisine on Friday, May 20, at 6:30 p.m., at the Gilbert-Alauzet space (free entry) in Rieupeyroux. , Rouergue, Languedoc and Gascony (note that an exhibition on this theme is visible throughout the season at the Maison du Gouverneur in Najac).

Forgotten terms and recent inventions

During this conference, Christian-Pierre Bedel proposed to discover the traditional and rustic cuisine in Rouergue et aux confins (soups, sausages, emblematic plates, desserts …). From photographs, texts and testimonies, footage of Amic Bedel’s son in the Al Canton operations framework, to return to gestures in certain cases. He will also return to the forgotten terms in some recent inventions.

Information: 06 14 48 48 55-www.bastidesdurouergue.fr

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