RO IMAGINI – Who are the big winners of the Lépine 2022 competition?

  • 1. Prize of the President of the Republic: „Geocoeur”, the connected defibrillator

This year, the Lépine competition awarded its highest distinction to “Geocoeur”, a connected defibrillator accessory, which won among 358 inventions in competition. When the security services receive a cardiac stop signal, the server locates the nearest connected boxes, which then start flashing to attract the attention of passers-by. Thanks to a QR code, people can locate the victims and the helper, faster than the firefighters or Samu.

„I had the idea two years ago when coming to the premises of France Bleu Lorraine entrusted its inventor, the Thionvillois Frédéric Leybold, at France Bleu Lorraine. “I was waiting before I went on the air and I saw that you had a defibrillator. And since you’re in a very residential area, I thought I’d have to find a way to warn you when a cardiac arrest occurs nearby so the defibrillator must go down the street or even better to the place of cardiac arrest. ”

  • 2. Grand Prix : the “fouclette”, a multifunctional kitchen stove

For this 2022 edition, the Lépine competition offered the second most important prize to Marie Christine Ribatto and Denis Flota, inventors of an all-in-one cooking appliance, a radiant metal fiber burner for portable gas cooking appliances . This portable kitchen mini-piano can be used as a stove, iron, toaster, grill or fondue.

  • 3. Prime Minister’s Award: A Ready-to-Install Green Coating, “On-Scenes”

The Prime Minister has chosen to award a ready-to-install plant coating on the walls of industrial companies this year to “filter greenhouse gases from inside the company”. It was invented by Aurélien Carré.

  • 4. Price the connected universe: a reseau that lists the economic actors of a pool of life

Adrien Roussel reported the price of the connected universe for the website “Mon arrière boutique”, an online information platform that allows us to add the various economic actors in the commune or borough to boost. economic and social activity of the tissue.

  • 5. Prize of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Paris Île-de-France: rigid cellulose bricks

This year, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided on the Claude Mayer compensator for a few lightweight, completely recyclable rigid cellulose construction razors.

  • 6. Paris CCI’s favorite prize: hot tongs for wine bottles

It is Guillaume Haro who is the inventor of these tongs called “The Pop Cork”, which makes it easier to open wine bottles.

  • 7. First prize of the Paris City Hall: a biker jacket

For its first prize, the City of Paris has chosen to reward David Lopes, who created a porte blouson … specially designed for bikers.

  • 8. 2nd prize of the Prefect of Police: a life belt

The prefect of police awarded Olivier Rognon a medal for his life belt, which is deployed in three seconds so that he can pass it around an injured person.

  • 9. Paris City Hall Award: “HandyLight”

This year, the city of Paris has decided to award its prize to “HandyLight”, a backlit badge invented by Gérôme Lafloque and Alexander Phung, which allows to signal a visible disability on the chaussée for the disabled.

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