RSA, activity premium … What a new device to help entrepreneurs in difficulty

L’Urssaf is partnering with Allocations familiales, l’Assurance retraite et l’Assurance Maladie for employer Help !, a new offer of support for entrepreneurs in difficulty.

Everything is part of a fact: there is social assistance to support entrepreneurs in difficult times. But the latter do not (or rarely) appeal to it, often by lack of knowledge. Another problem: due to the strong interweaving between the professional life and the private life of business leaders, the payment difficulties self-employed workers often go beyond the scope of the Urssaf.

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Promote access to social rights

result? To improve the prize in charge Entrepreneurs when they run into financial, medical, family or social difficulties, the USSR has partnered with Health Insurance, Family Allowances and Retirement Insurance. Together, the four entities launched Help !: one accompanying offer coordinates and acclre.

In detail, Help! takes the form of a online questionnaire. Business leaders, artisans, traders, and liberal professionals may report a complicated situation by responding. 10 questions. The results of the questionnaire are then sent to the various caisse. The latter can then identify the most suitable devices (complementary health solidarity, active solidarity income, activity bonus …) and then process the file in acclr to activate these aids as soon as possible.

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Thanks to this new device, it becomes possible to combine the different levers of action of each branch (social benefits, social action, social support, payment channels …) for promote better access to rightsto care and welfare, the Urssaf said in a June 16 statement.

Help! had been tested in the Marne department in February 2020. The device should be spanning the entire territory. And the first returns seem encouraging. In Languedoc-Roussillon, the device, for example, allowed a couple working in the construction sector to obtain new rights when her child became ill, she reported on the radio RTS.

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