Rustic kitchen: 12 models, 12 chic ideas to copy

In terms of the inner atmosphere, there is a real desire to return to the essentials and the refined. No wonder, then, that rustic decor is a trend. Relying on lightly crafted natural materials for a rustic…, it is halfway between chic and brutalist country styles. It is in the kitchen that this spirit has become a special place. For good reason, it is reminiscent of rural houses where conviviality reigns. Refurbished in a chic style, rustic cuisine has the upper hand.

How to adopt the rustic decoration in the kitchen?

If blue or green kitchens are in vogue, those that follow the rustic trend are free from color. In order to give a chic effect, minimalism is now a must. Rustic kitchens therefore favor a neutral blade composed of white, gray or black. Wood, as the main material, adorns the kitchen furniture where the facades display classic reliefs sublimated by vintage door handles. The shelves, still made of wood, display the old patterned plates and support bars, the copper utensils. A retro ceramic sink will refine the rustic style. The original sideboard tiles will modernize the rustic atmosphere. This set is reminiscent of the charm of yesteryear.

The most beautiful rustic kitchens to copy

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