SAHAM insurance: the change of name acted

This change in name and visual identity reinforces SANLAM’s direct presence in 33 countries in Africa.

The installation of the Sanlam Morocco brand translates concretely through the adoption of a new visual identity that is the subject of a communication campaign, launched today, on national media, on social networks and on display. around the signature “Vivez en toute confiance”.

“This change of name will not allow Morocco to deploy a unified brand on a continental scale, with the recognition of our partners and customers as well as the trust capital built over a century ago.” It is also a matter for us to take advantage of the Group’s synergies as well as the coherence of Sanlam’s speech and communication, ”said Yahia CHRAIBI, General Manager of Sanlam Morocco.

African and global expansion

This change in name and visual identity strengthens Sanlam’s direct presence in 33 countries, from Cape Town to Tangier to East and West Africa, giving it excellent access to the continent’s insurance market. . Sanlam even has the ambition to be one of the top 3 insurance companies in the world!


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