Salon du chiot: un homme terrassé par une crise cardiaque

Salon du chiot. Brutal death of a visitor. – © Etienne COLIN

C’est son épouse qui dimanche 18 September, a alerté les secours peu avant 11 heures.

Lors du salon du chiot qui s’est déroulé at the end of the week at Parc Expo 70, firefighters were called for a person in vital distress. Around 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 18, a 52-year-old man complained of chest pains while he was walking along the salon’s alleys with his wife and daughter. After being victimized by a malaise, the woman would be alerte les secours. When they arrived, they took the man who was in cardiorespiratory arrest. The teams of the SMUR and the firemen tried in vain to revive them for nearly an hour. The victims were declared deceased at midi, according to the médecin des urgences. The intervention aroused a lively emotion on the part of the exhibitors and visitors present at the salon.


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