Samsung extends its Care + insurance to all laptops

Samsung is announcing insurance coverage for Care + au vol connected smartphones, tablets and watches and will allow you to make two repair or replacement requests each year.

Source: Samsung

Samsung has its own insurance service for those products: smartphones, tablets, watches. The brand is announcing to expand its offer now by now covering theft in addition to accidental damage. In addition, it is possible »make up to 2 repair or replacement requests per year».

You can take out this insurance either when purchasing an insurable product on the Samsung site or within 30 days of your purchase, if you have it in mainland France.

What does Samsung Care + insurance hide?

This insurance contract allows the opening of “accidental damage». On the dedicated website, Samsung states that this applies to damage to the screen, but also as an example for «fluid damage […] affects the functionality of your smartphone». Repairs are carried out in «Samsung agréés repair centers and only with original parts».

Now the flight is also covered, so if yours is stolen, Samsung can replace you. If before the insurance only covered one claim a year, now it will be two.

You can secure your Galaxy laptop

Samsung continues to expand security to now receive laptops. You may need a Galaxy Notebook PC, such as Galaxy Book 2 Pro or 360 (convertible version).

If the source of mid-range smartphones, this assurance is not very interesting, it may be at the top of smartphones such as S22 or Samsung’s foldable ones. The latter have a screen that is difficult to replace; if you had to (don’t expect) to replace it due to a breakdown or malfunction (and the warranty has expired), having insurance could cost less.

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