Sanlam, the new name for Saham Assurance

Saham Assurance becomes Sanlam. This was announced by the company in a statement stating that it will join the 20 subsidiaries of the Group that changed its name in 2021, in 13 countries on the African continent.

“This name change will allow us to deploy a unified brand in Morocco on a continental scale, strong in the recognition of our partners and customers as well as the trust capital built for more than a century.” It is also a matter of us taking advantage of the Group’s synergies as well as the coherence of Sanlam’s speech and communication “, said Yahia Chraibi, General Manager of Sanlam Morocco. For the company, this change in name and visual identity reflects Sanlam Care’s strategic vision of installing a unique and strong African brand across all of the Group’s countries. “With a strong presence in 33 countries in Africa, Sanlam also intends to strengthen its leadership on several key pieces that are at the heart of the strategy in Africa, starting with Morocco. The Group thus aspires to be part of the leading platoon, positioning itself among the Top 3 of the world’s insurance companies “, underlined the insurer.
Deployment of the Sanlam brand in Morocco is also an opportunity for the group to assert its position, as translated by its signature “”, “live with confidence”, “Live with confidence”.

“This institutional signature is embodied in the effect of the promise of a customer-oriented group due to a proactive and positive action, which offers an optimistic and inspired perspective, providing support, trust and reliability to the customer. To mark the rebranding, the group is conducting a large-scale communication campaign on national media, social media and display. “The creative concept is based on original and modern choreography that goes around all Moroccan regions,” says Sanlam Morocco. A modern contemporary who met on stage les Marocains in great diversity. This rebranding translates concretely through the adoption of a new visual identity, the deployment of a new signal or the adaptation of the set of prints. A note on the change of brand “also recalls Sanlam Morocco’s commitment to the founding values ‚Äč‚Äčthat guide the company’s daily action: commitment, solidarity, courage, benevolence and closeness,” he concluded. source.

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