Seafood cuisine: recipes over the pages

Hats off.

Recently, Victoria Magenti, in charge of the Maritime Cultural Heritage Mission at the Gulf of Lion Marine Natural Park (NMP), presented her book, Memory and cuisine of seafarersat the media library in the presence of Samuel Moli, regional councilor, Marie-Ange Falques of Trabucaire editions, Catherine Peytavi, municipal councilor, Véronique and Hervé Bazia, Maguy Sanz of the Escola de català.

Le PNM du golfe du Lion is a marine protected area, a delimited area in motion that meets the long-term nature protection objectives. Its vocation is the integrated management of marine space: it covers more than 4,000 km² off the Pyrénées-Orientales and the Aude. It includes twelve coastal municipalities on more than 100 kilometers of coastline.

Testimonials in the book

He also collects the living memory of the seafarers from Leucate to Cerbère. Following the finding that this collective memory has long been transmitted orally, from generation to generation, Victoria Magenti went for several years, collecting it through testimonials in which appear many themes related to the sea and daily life. Seafarers talk about experiences, observations of nature, traditions, superstitions, but also know-how and cooking. These women and men know the flavors, they know the seasons of the sea.

Part of this valuable ethnological collection has become a book published by Trabucaire editions that Victoria Magenti presented to an attentive audience at the media library. The author selected 20 testimonials, 32 recipes and 16 cash sheets. This book traces in the first part, the living and working conditions of people living on the coast of the park, their various interactions with the sea by addressing different subjects: life on land and at sea, local consumption, fishing techniques, social life . In the second part, the recipes transmitted are organized by fish species: look anchovies, samfaïna two octopuses, suquet whiting, raw marinated cipions, blue crab rice, pinyata cuttlefish, arms of tuna venus…

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