Sébastien Renard, candidate for “Top Chef”, in the kitchen to raise awareness of school harassment

Victim in his youth of school harassment, the head moved to the stoves of the canteen of the college of Hucqueliers to meet the students and try to make things move.

Les collégiens du collège Gabriel de la Gorce were entitled to a special lunch this week. Sébastien Renard, candidate for “Top Chef”, came to the kitchen in their canteens to raise awareness of school harassment, he was not a victim.

“When I was in high school, in high school, I had glasses, I was someone who loved to read a lot, a little in my bubble, a little away, I always kept my smile like weapon of defense but it’s not because you smile or feel like you’re doing well, that you’re doing well, “he told BFM Lille.

Sébastien Renard reproduced for the occasion a dessert that was served on the last show broadcast by “Top Chef”. On one of the cakes, the number 3020, a toll-free number made available to students and families to combat bullying.

Free speech

In the dining room, the gourmet initiative seems to be proving its worth. “Harassment is not something that should be taken lightly because it leads to suicide and serious problems, so we need to talk about it,” said one student.

Of the 460 high school students this year, two were bullied. For the establishment, the goal of this meeting is to free speech.

„Students are made aware of reporting […] the situations of harassment they could possibly experience, because it is very often through this that they are able to be located, very little through the victims themselves “, explains the headmaster of the college, Jacques-Yves Depoix.

Sébastien Renard organized other actions to continue the fight against school harassment.

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