Sectors recruiting in Quebec: banking, finance, insurance, administration

French abroad (FAE): Can you present the specifics of the Desjardins Group and the trades that make up its business?

Jennifer O’Donoughue (J.O’D.): Le Mouvement Desjardins is one of the main employees in the country with more than 53,000 employees. It offers the full range of products and services to financiers and brings together the expertise in wealth management, personal and property and casualty insurance, business services of all sizes, securities, asset management, venture capital and secure, state-of-the-art virtual access modes. Our jobs cover a wide range of fields. Beyond finance and insurance, we offer opportunities in the areas of information technology (IT), communications, human resources, risk management, legal affairs, administration, data management, actuarial etc.

In fact, one of the main areas of demand in the market and at Desjardins is that of information technology (also read our article on this sector). The market is very competitive and we are currently facing a shortage of labor. In order to meet our growing needs in this sector, we are conducting recruitment missions in different countries. We also have an ongoing international recruitment process for hiring candidates working in this field.

As mentioned earlier, we have many trades at Desjardins. For information technologies, we have development positions, IT architects, tech Lead, scrum master, project manager (PO), IT quality assurance specialists, business analysts, functional analysts, security jobs, etc. As far as the insurance industry is concerned, we have jobs in property and casualty insurance, financial security advisers (individual insurance), compensation analysts, pricers, and so on. For the financial sector, we have the positions of personal finance advisers (savings and credit), corporate account managers, several positions dedicated to business development, etc.

FAE: What are the main skills your group is looking for?

J.O’D. : We are looking for people with skills that are essential to our organization, such as appreciating differences, learning with agility, being customer-oriented and action-oriented. These transversal competencies are mandatory for a position at Desjardins and these are combined with the competencies required by professionals.

FAE: Are certain regions of Quebec particularly affected?

J.O’D. : There are many job opportunities in the Montreal and Lévis region. For the positions of personal finance advisor, director of accounts and business development, opportunities are found throughout Quebec, as we are present in all regions with more than 780 service centers.

FAE: Is it possible to assess salary levels and opportunities for change?

J.O’D. : In fact, Desjardins offers a program of advantageous and flexible working conditions. The organization has established a pay scale to ensure equity in the sectors and employees. Salary scales, also known as “job levels”, are not public, but are very competitive in the Quebec market. The salary topic is usually discussed during the interview. Sometimes selected, candidates receive a full and detailed salary offer. Precicii about Desjardins Group is one of Mediacorp Canada’s top 100 employers and is one of the top employers for reconciling work, youth, diversity, and environmental commitments.

FAE: Are francophones very present in the positions you offer?

J.O’D. : Certainty. In fact, for all positions where the place of work is Quebec, proficiency in French is mandatory. As a result, our positions are held by francophones or people who are able to work in this language.

FAE: How to apply for your job offers?

J.O’D. : There are several means of access. First of all, all our opportunities are on our career site.

On the other hand, when we carry out international recruitment missions, we make sure to secure the jobs available in the various environments reserved for events.

Also, we have some posts that we post on the Montreal Talent platform, a platform for international workers who are looking for a job and want to settle in Montreal. This platform facilitates international and continuous recruitment.

Sometimes when candidates are selected, our team works closely with various government authorities to obtain immigration permits for foreign talent. There are several avenues open to French citizens to obtain a work permit for Canada. Thanks to bilateral youth exchange agreements, we can, for example, obtain facilitated permits for young people under the age of 36, for almost all positions. Alternatively, we can benefit from the “World Talent Volet” program, which allows for the specific recruitment of IT professionals. In addition, our team of international mobility experts takes care of the future employee and his family in the immigration process, once hired at Desjardins.

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