The Italian Embassy in Lebanon and the Italian Agency for Commerce – ITA ont donné lundi soir le coup d’envoi de la semaine de la cuisine italienne dans le monde, lors d’un dîner gastronomique concocté Gianni Tarabini, starred chef et membre de l’association Les ambassadeurs du goût. During this week, which aims to emphasize the Italian presence in Lebanon in the field of oenology and gastronomy, chef Gianni Tarabini took part in several culinary events, not one. will organize in collaboration with the Accademia della cucina italiana (Académie de la cuisine italienne). It also has two cooking courses, one intended by students from the School of Hotel Management at Saint-Joseph University and another that will be addressed to chefs in the main Italian restaurants in Beirut.

Placée under the theme “Convivialité, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for the health of people and the protection of the planet”, the week will continue until November 20. They also program a collaboration with le Spinney’s qui accueilera, le mercredi, le chef Tarabini le temps d’une demonstration culinaire. De leur côté, two Italian restaurants celebrate this week, proposing specific menus for this occasion.

Italian ambassador Nicoletta Bombardiere surrounded by the director of the Italian Agency for Commerce, Claudio Pasqualucci, and chef Gianni Tarabini. © DR

The week sera clôturée le dimanche through a déjeuner à Nation station à Geitaoui, in the guise of solidarity with the population of the quartier gravement touché via la double explosion au port de Beyrouth, August 4, 2020.

Tripoli will not stay in this event, a culinary demonstration planned in the capital of North Lebanon.

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