Sextape case: Karim Benzema dismisses his appeal

Six years after the fact, this is the end of the sextape affair. Karim Benzema will not appear before the court of appeal in Versailles (Yvelines) on June 30 and July 1, as planned. He is therefore sentenced to one year in prison with probation, with a fine of € 75,000 and € 80,000 to be paid to Mathieu Valbuena for non-pecuniary damage, as announced by the Actu78 website on Friday.

A conviction handed down by the Versailles Correctional Court on November 24 last year for complicity in blackmail. “Karim Benzema has been personally involved in trying to convince Mathieu Valbuena to meet his trusted man.”, the court had then explained. However, the new lawyer of “KB9”, Me Hugues Vigier, rejects any confession of guilt on the part of the favorite at the next Ballon d’Or France Football.

“True cowardice”

“My client is taught through this procedureexplains the lawyer in The Team on Saturday. This waiver confirms a conviction and apparently guilt. That is a judicial truth. But that is not the reality. Karim Benzema has always claimed his innocence in this business and will never participate in a blackmail operation against Mathieu Valbuena. »

I Vigier evoke “A deep sense of injustice” at his client’s, but also “A real cowardice”. Karim Benzema would be appreciated “The new audience does not change anything and would not have considered it should exist”.

Karim Benzema is suspected of putting pressure on Mathieu Valbuena in October 2015 during a rally of the Blues in Clairfontaine, to face the latter yielding to blackmail in exchange for the non-dissemination of a sextape featuring him. “My client’s first suggestion is to say, ‘I know what happened in this interview I had with Mathieu Valbuena in Clairefontaine. That’s the crux of what we’re up against, and he knows it.’ that I have not committed any offense. ” »


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