She chats with her mother in the kitchen without suspecting that someone isn’t losing a crumb

Ever since her family adopted her in an animal shelter, Marley has loved the attention of her masters.

Before being adopted into her new family, Marley was a therapy cat visiting nursing homes.

A very affectionate pussy

Bonnie Quast is the mistress of the pretty black pussy. Marley is very affectionate and loves to sit on people’s knees or lick the hands and faces of those who caress her.

Bonnie has fun saying that no one can get away from Marley without getting a little drooling!

They are not alone

Recently, Bonnie was chatting at the kitchen table with her mother Debra. After a while, Bonnie suddenly realized that Marley was there with them too, but Bonnie hadn’t noticed her at all before.

Marley was even sitting on her mother’s lap, her favorite place. Bonnie hadn’t noticed, because Marley blended in perfectly with the color of her mom’s shirt.

Marley had actually found the perfect camouflage so as not to miss a single crumb of the conversation between Bonnie and her mom!

And you, auriez-vous represent camouflaged chat in the photo.

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