She contracted a sexually transmitted disease in the car and demanded millions from the insurance company

Can the car insurer be charged millions of euros after catching a disease by having sex in it? As crazy as it may sound, the answer is yes.

It’s all about a hot encounter between two people in Missouri in the United States. A man and a woman have had sex in the car of the first, a 2014 Hyundai Genesis sedan. So far, nothing that can be ruled out except possible prosecution for moral issues. But in the months leading up to this sexual intercourse, the passing of the car contracted papillomavirus disease, a fairly common sexually transmitted infection that she should catch precisely during sexual intercourse in the car.

His lawyer then decided to turn against the insurer of the car in question, Geico. She blames the insurance company’s client for not warning her that she had papillomavirus disease and is suing Geigo for millions of dollars in damages. And the fact that the sex took place in the car would be enough to make the insurer liable: it’s just as if she was injured in the car during an accident. Often very inclined to validate this kind of hair-raising remedy, U.S. justice has recognized that this infection may have been part of the damage regularly covered by car insurance. The Missouri Court of Appeal has just ruled in favor of the plaintiff and is asking the insurer to pay her $ 5.2 million in damages.

Federal procedure

Geigo now plans to take the case to a federal court, the highest level of justice in the United States. But there is a good chance that it will be validated in a new decision in other courts. Knowing that an estimated 80% of the workforce is at risk for one or more papillomavirus infections in their lifetime, some American lawyers will no doubt rub their hands if the decision is jurisprudential!

Source: DailyMail

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