Since when has multiple sclerosis existed?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that has long been unknown. It was discovered only 150 years ago, but has it been around for longer?

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Since when has multiple sclerosis existed? –
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Multiple sclerosis, MS, leaves no visible marks on the skeleton and therefore no evidence for anthropologists.

The first case of multiple sclerosis

The earliest description of the disease dates back to the 13th century. She is a Viking woman, who complained of intermittent speech and gait disorders. It didn’t take much to spread a hypothesis, multiple sclerosis would be Scandinavian and spread by the Vikings all over Europe!

This theory has never been validated. Then in 1421 another affair arose. Ludwine de Schiedam, a Dutch nun, suffers from arm paralysis that will spread throughout her body over the years.
The doctors of the time confessed to being incompetent and saw God’s hand in it.

Charcot at the origin of the discovery of MS

He will have to witness the end of the 19th century to put a name to this disease.
On March 14, 1868, Jean-Martin Charcot, a Salpêtrière neurologist, used the term multiple sclerosis for the first time.

It is by observing small gray spots and irregular shapes on brain sections that he will propose this name for multiple sclerosis. Since then, his work has become a world reference.

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