six chefs waiting for the Fête de l’agneau

For this return, the organizers announce the arrival of six chefs, who will hold workshops. The star of this band will be Stéphane Carrade, two Michelin stars for Skiff Club, the gastronomic restaurant of the hotel Ha (a) ïtza au Pyla-sur-Mer. The presence of Oxana Ramat, the chef of the Cromagnon à Bordeaux restaurant, is also confirmed. This atypical Moldavian made his weapons at the Grand Chief Ducasse.

Between 11 am and 5 pm, the public will be able to observe, under a specially set up marquee, all the technique and creativity of the chefs. They will show that the meat of the Pauillac lamb can be prepared in different ways. Tastings will allow you to check all the richness of this local product. Obviously, the dishes will be paired with great wines. The Medocian terroir is not lacking.

Transhumance in the city

If gastronomy has an important place on this day, the spectators took part in a part of the show. A transhumance will be organized in downtown Pauillac. The sheep of Cédric Perez, a breeder in Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc, will appear on the docks. About forty beasts, not to mention a few donkeys from Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac, should delight the children. The walk of this herd ended with a blessing on the square of the church of Saint-Martin de Pauillac, located in Place du Maréchal-Foch.

From 12:30 pm, Gironde farmers offer the general public a Sunday breakfast based on grilled lamb and beef. During this time of restoration, demonstrations of Basque strength and rollers of barriques participated in animating this great party. Such an event also needs fanfare. It is that of Margaux-Cantenac, another wine village and attached to gastronomy, which will make the trip for the day.

Finally, a lottery will involve more than 4,000 euros in lottery. This is especially a question for two people at the restaurant Le Mandarin Oriental in Paris, where he officiates the media and talented chef Thierry Marx.

According to the association of the Friends of the Lamb of Pauillac, which organizes this event, the animals raised in the Médoc benefit from a label that meets very strict rules. The Pauillac lamb is raised “under the mother” for three months, that is, fed only on breast milk. It must not exceed 15 kg.

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