Smallpox of the monkey: WHO convenes its emergency committee, the maximum alert soon triggered?

The appointment is set for June 23. There, the WHO could well raise the Monkeypox to the rank of an international public health emergency, the highest level of alert.

1,600 confirmed cases, 72 suspected cases, 72 deaths and 39 affected countries, 32 of which were newly affected: this is the latest state of play by theWorld Health Organization (WHO).

„I think it is now clear that there is an unusual situation, which means that the virus behaves unusually compared to how he behaved in the past “WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday. “But it is also affecting more and more countries, and we believe that there is also a need for a coordinated response due to geographical spread.”.

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See you on June 23rd

As a result, WHO decided to convene a meeting of the emergency committee. A meeting scheduled for June 23 at which the Monkeypox could see the high alert level at the rank of Emergency Public Health of International Reach (PHEIC). This is the highest alert level of the health agency, which today is only applicable for Covid and polio.

According to the WHO, an international public health emergency is “An extraordinary event that is determined to pose a risk to the public health of other countries with the international spread of a disease and the potential need for a coordinated international response”.

CNN: WHO will weigh whether monkeypox is a public health emergency of international interest.https: //

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